Concussion Prevention Helmets Used in NFL and NHL

Concussion prevention and management are vital in NFL and NHL and on this page of our site we are looking at NFL and NHL concussion prevention helmets as well as other protective gear like the chest protector.

Both the NFL and NHL are committed to protecting all their players and helping to create a healthier experience for athletes. This is done by adopting and enforcing the rules, educating players at all levels of the game, and continuously researching new technologies and innovations.

NFL Concussion Prevention Helmets

The days where players wore simple leather pads are long gone and the NFL now works with a number of partners to identify cutting-edge technologies and innovations to keep players safe whilst still maintaining their level of performance and quality of play. When it comes to football headgear this is one of the most important areas especially when it comes out concussion management.

An NFL Safety Equipment and Playing Rules Subcommittee evaluates the performance of safety equipment for head and neck protection and over the last 90 years, we have seen football helmets evolve from soft leather with minimal protection to polycarbonate shells with advanced suspension and cushioning systems. Technological advancements have also allowed manufacturers to develop shoulder pads a better chest protector too.

Vicis Zero 1 Concussion Prevention Helmets for NFL and NHL

Known as the Zero1, Vicis' concussion prevention helmets are all about safety. It can be used as football headgear and an adult hockey helmet. It is a multilayered, flexible helmet that diminishes rotational and linear impact forces. This helmet was constructed to use four separate layers all of which work in perfect harmony with each other.

  • Load Shell: This is the top layer which absorbs impact by locally deforming a specific part of a helmet. It's similar to the reaction of a bumper in a fender bender. Vicis is the first company to use this in football helmet protection.
  • Core Layer: This layer expertly blends engineering, medicine, and sport. It uses a highly engineered column like formation and essentially bends and buckles in all directions to mitigate linear and rotational forces.
  • Arch Shell: This is the interior of the helmet which has been designed to perfectly fit a player's aspect ratio.
  • Form Liner: This is the final layer which has been designed exclusively to work in unison with the arch shell to conform to a player's head topography and distribute pressure on the head accordingly.

The Vicis Axis Fit System of the Zero1 is the glue that keeps everything together. A great deal of time was devoted to understanding the various athlete head shapes and sizes and an innovative and anatomically correct approach to sizing the helmet was devised. Vicis uses a person's head length and breadth to achieve the ultimate fit meaning NHL players get a custom hockey helmet and better head protection.

Football Headgear For Concussion Prevention

Football headgear is essential. It is critical that protective gear is worn alongside other accessories for protection and comfort in any sport. This usually comes in the form of a helmet. Helmets can include face masks which can be detachable. There are two types of face masks which are open-caged and closed caged. Visors or eye shields protect players' eyes from sunlight. Chin straps are needed to keep the helmet in place. Pads or air-filled interior pockets can help with impact resistance and concussion prevention and they also help keep the helmet snug on a player's head. A mouth guard is also worn and this is secured by a clamp attached to the bottom bar of the face mask.

Chest Protector Concussion Prevention

Just as padding is used in concussion prevention helmets, pads on various parts of the body can do the same. Shoulder pads and chest protector pads are the next most critical protective gear for players. The size of the shoulder pads actually covers the chest as well and help prevent further injury and concussion.

Essential Safety Equipment For Sports

No matter what sport you play, preventing sports injuries by using sports safety equipment makes sense. In NFL or NHL concussion prevention helmets are a must as is a chest protector. Safety gear may look a little odd or bulky but using the right protective gear is essential for preventing serious injuries. It also reduces the severity of any injury a player might receive.

If you play hockey or football, helmet protection is essential. The growing awareness of the dangers concussions can cause later in life is now being taken very seriously and concussion prevention helmets are now a must. Proper head protection and a chest protector must be worn if you play contact sports such as NFL or NHL. The helmet must be properly fitted and designed for the specific sport you play. Wearing a helmet significantly decreases the chances of suffering a serious head injury and even death.

Mouth guards help prevent tongue and lip injuries as well as keeping your teeth safe. They also help to reduce the risk of suffering a concussion or fractured jaw. Safety pads should be worn if you play football or hockey. A chest protector and shoulder pads are essential.