Gambling in Sports and NFL Player Concussions

On this page of our site, we are looking at gambling in sports and the effects of concussions on NFL players. We also have information on the best online betting sites and where to get the best odds for your sports betting.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) is pending a Supreme Court decision and representatives of the MLBPA, NBPA, NFLPA, and NHLPA have all been working together on the legal, commercial, practical, and human consequences of allowing sports betting to become mainstream. Whether sports betting affects players with concussions is something that has garnered a lot of attention and many people want the matter of not just who profits from gambling in sports, but also the costs discussed.

The unions have all been discussing the implications of this. Betting on sports could become legal countrywide and they want to ensure that athletes are also protected.

Gambling In Sports Remains Popular

Even with the declining TV ratings, concerns over concussions, and political controversy over player protection, gambling in sports remains popular. In college and professional football last year $1.7 billion was wagered. $76.8 million was won on football betting and this made 2017 the sixth most profitable football year ever. Online betting sites have grown in popularity with more and bigger name bookmakers making their features more accessible to those who want to bet on their favourite sport or team.

Concussion in Sports

More than 100,000 people suffer concussions in the United States every year playing sports. Concussions can occur in lots of different sports and affect all athletes. Awareness of sports concussions has increased and it is a significant problem in the sports world. Research has also been carried out into the long-term effects of concussions and how returning to play too soon can have consequences.

Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries and recognizing the signs and being able to provide proper treatment is imperative. Despite research, there is still no conclusive evidence to prove if any type of brain damage is sustained. Imaging tests don't detect brain damage in concussion patients but it is known that a concussion does cause a temporary impairment of brain functions and information processing. Recovery from a concussion is normally a week to ten days and athletes that have sustained a concussion are at higher risk of sustaining more.

Concussions are caused when a force makes the brain move back and forth inside the skull. This can be caused by a direct hit to the head or a hit that caused the head to rotate quickly. Sports that are more susceptible to this type of injury include football, soccer, and hockey. The symptoms aren't always visible and a player doesn't have to be rendered unconscious to suffer a concussion. Symptoms can be immediate or delayed and can include a headache, drowsiness, memory loss, loss of consciousness, confusion, dizziness, nausea, problems with balance and more. Concussion awareness is important for anyone involved in sports and athletes should understand how serious a concussion can be. Players will often try to downplay their symptoms so they can get back in the game. Research is ongoing and awareness and prevention are paramount for those in the sports industry.

NFL and Gambling in Sports

If you're a football fan then the NFL is something that you'll follow and betting on your favourite team or player is a fun thing to do. There have been comments that the NFL cares more about betting than brains and this is about them being slow in responding to claims of traumatic brain injuries caused by concussions. The NFL has stated that there is no greater priority than protecting the integrity of the sports. The NFL's response comes as legal sportsbetting becomes a reality and states will now be free to bet on sports gambling as a source of revenue and will be able to create wagering schemes.

The NFL has introduced education and compliance training for clubs, players, employees and partners. The federal government will also be creating a national standard that each state must follow which will include consumer protections, protecting sports leagues, ensuring fans have access to reliable league data, and more.

Best Online Betting Sites for Gambling in Sports

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